Charlie Upchurch from Generation Listen KC

April 16, 2018

Micah and Eric chat with Charlie Upchurch, chair of 89.3 KCUR's Generation Listen KC. They talk about what drew Charlie to public radio (including a high school job helping sell tractors on an AM station show), how KCUR Generation Listen hopes to engage a young public radio audience in Kansas City, and Charlie's voice-over work. 


David Friesen

April 9, 2018

The owner of Betty Rae’s ice cream didn’t have an ice cream parlor in Kansas City where he felt at he opened one. We talked with David Friesen about his background baking bread (10:20), balancing creativity with managing a small business (17:25), their most popular flavors: Brown Butter Toasted Pecans! S’mores! Cereal Milk! (32:00) and collaborating with Kansas City companies like Joe's Kansas City and Thou Mayest (36:50).


Stephanie and Adam Carey

April 2, 2018

Eric and Micah sit down with Stephanie and Adam Carey, new owners of Kansas City's local alternative magazine The Pitch. They talk about the importance of a having an alternative news source in a city, why they place an emphasis on the arts, investing in digital while keeping a print presence and how they plan on engaging with the local community. 


Rustin Dodd

March 28, 2018

Eric and Micah sit down with Rustin Dodd, baseball writer for The Athletic. They talk about how writing about sports changed his fandom, why he joined The Athletic, his story about Ned Yost and Netflix and what needs to go right for the Royals to win this season.

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Peyton Marek

March 19, 2018

Eric and Micah sit down with artist and tour manager and music producer Peyton Marek. They talk about Peyton starting out managing The Greeting Committee in high school, what she loves about touring, and professional wrestling. 


Cameron Niederhauser from East + West KC

March 12, 2018

Eric and Micah sit down with Cameron Niederhauser, proprietor of East + West KC, a menswear shop in the Crossroads district. They chat about Cameron's early love of fashion (including his disappointment over not winning "Best Dressed" in high school), his Midwestyle blog and inspiration for bringing East + West to Kansas City. 


Nick and Savanna Howland from Playlistplay

March 5, 2018

Eric and Micah sit down with Nick and Savanna Howland, creators of the music experience website Playlistplay. They talk about the site's origin, what goes into making a great playlist, how they find new music and what's next in the Playlistplay community. 


Movies With Friends: Call Me By Your Name/Darkest Hour

February 26, 2018

Bobby Dixon drops in to chat about Call Me By Your Name and tries to convice Eric to see Darkest Hour in the latest installment of Movies with Friends.


Movies With Friends: The Shape of Water/Three Billboards

February 19, 2018

Eric is joined by a very special guest to talk "The Shape of Water" and "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri" as part of #MWF2018


Movies With Friends: Get Out

February 11, 2018

This week Eric sits down with his longtime friend Ida Dancy to talk about the film Get Out in another installment of Movies With Friends